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Details for User Name stoddardc






Available From:   October 22,2017










Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   NY


County/District: Westchester, Putnam, NYC  


City: All Westchester county or southern Putnam county  


City/Town Area: All Westchester county or southern Putnam county  
























Couple- former marine now Westchester cop and City of NY employee, former farmer  




Mid thirties couple, kind, respectful, hardworking and
upstanding, seeking caretaker position in exchange for
housing. Both employed by local government, one former
marine now Westchester police officer, and one NYC marina
manager who grew up on a farm upstate NY. Both very
trustworthy upstanding individuals with MBA's from Baruch
(where we met). Both legal drivers with our own cars, squeeky
clean records, driving and otherwise. Livestock, farm, tractor,
and housekeeping capable.
Looking to provide added security and a helping hand to your
family and home. Both nature lovers who enjoy working
outside and with animals. We can be as permanent as
needed, the longer the better.
Our goal is to save money for our future while we help you
enjoy yours.  




Skills and Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, farm, animals, ranch, home, security, safety, police officer, maintenance, organizing, cleaning, grounds keeping  





Preferences and Motivations: estates, homes, guest house, carriage house, security, safety, police presence, discretion, nature, farms, ranches, home, plantations, historic homes, outdoor jobs